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Travel Grants

Deadline for travel grant applications is August 5th 2024

Travel Grants .


In order to promote the educational and scientific development of haematopathology and facilitate the participation of residents, PhD students and early/mid-career MDs and PhDs from low/middle income countries to attend the 22nd Symposium and Workshop of the European Association for Haematopathology, September 21-26, 2024, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, registration fee waivers and travel grants will be made available. Travel grants are set at a fixed rate at €500 for Europeans and €800 for non-Europeans.

Early/mid-career haematopathologists, residents and PhD students from developing countries ( who are not additionally supported by other sources of any private or public organization and who have an abstract at the Symposium or a case in the Workshop accepted are invited to apply for these grants.


Applications should be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer of EA4HP, Prof. Birgitta Sander | email:<br /> Applications should include a recent CV, date of pathology exam/PhD and statements on acceptance of an abstract and/or workshop case and on additional funding from other sources.


Deadline for travel grant applications is August 5th 2024

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Main Topics

Novel frontiers in Molecular diagnosis of lymphoma and Emerging disease entities

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